About us

We are a brand with a high focus on quality, style, and eco-friendly products. By using the highest quality linen, woven, painted and processed at our manufacturing plant we can  ensure the highest quality products. Dress any room up with our wide selection of products from household linen products for kitchen & table to living room accessories, bedroom, bathroom, and linen clothing for adults and children.

Respect to traditions

Linen is known all over the world for its natural properties. Linen fabrics are known to be one of the oldest textiles known to man. In respect to the tradition of linen production, all of our products are handmade with love and attention to detail.


Strength in a united and experienced team

We are fortunate to be surrounded by experienced employees who are supporting the company’s vision & mission – to satisfy our customers on the highest level. Behind Lino Takas brand stands a great team of fully committed people working on Lino Takas to conquer the world with the best linen products. With their help we are able to sell our products in all Europe.