Mothers day gift guide

Mothers have given us the world. They shared the unconditional love, support and all the experience they have. Some of us are lucky to have loving grandmothers, mothers in law or even a college we can look up to. 

Nowadays holidays and important days seem to be bringing more stress than joy. Ready-made and impersonal gifts are flooding the market each year. In the spirit of celebrating the most precious women, we made a little Mothers day gift guide with a focus on unique and long-lasting gifts ideas. 

Make it personal
When choosing the gift our thoughts are wondering between practical or sentimental items. We believe that there is no need to settle! Since the return of embroidery, a one of a kind gift can be made in no time. Whether it's your moms' favorite dress or just a linen tote bag it will be created with love by you.
Natural linen knot bag   @giulia_bertelli


Cook together
There is nothing more exhausting than preparing a festive lunch or dinner, do you agree? Help our dearest moms to enjoy the festive mood and have fun sharing cooking tips and tricks. All cooks can look fabulous and protected in linen aprons and oven mittens.

Get a matching set

Even though a saying like mother like daughter does not apply to all, but you can never go wrong with matching or complimentary accessories. Our linen scarfs offer a wide range of colors so you can choose complementary or contrasting colors.

Go on a trip together

We can't turn the time back, so let us stop dreaming and start traveling. Go on a small or big adventure together with your mom, laugh or argue, experience all the beautiful world has to give you. Here are a few linen items perfect for any trip: